In The Thick Of It

27 Jan

Five months into my life as a virtual mum and new role as Miss Kathleen.  How am I doing ?

The old image of a swan drifting serenely on calm waters whilst beneath the surface frantically paddling to stay afloat, may be appropriate. But having made it to another pay day, I remain afloat – so far so good.

I’m pondering the joys of teaching children who speak a different language and are culturally alien … but that was England.

Here, I suppose it’s much the same.  However,  there is appreciation; and as is always the case with teaching, whatever you do isn’t  enough.  I may spend my day pontificating the correct usage of nouns, verbs, question marks and pronunciation,  but communication is achieved for the most part through a corrupt version of the language. ‘ I can go bathroom Mass Kathaleen?’   ‘I drink water Mass Kathaleen?’  ‘ Mass Kathaleen, how you spell Macdonalds?’  Of course it’s my job to correct these linguistic misdemeanours, but at times I find myself joining in.  ‘Yes go bathroom, drink water, why you go MacDonalds ?’

On the home front my apartment is an oasis of calm; a big white space which welcomes me at the end of the crazy day.  I have all I need here and just round the corner Aseel’s supermarket is at hand in case I need more. In fact just round the corner is practically everything I could possibly require; a bakery which makes flat bread you buy through a hatch fresh from the oven, a laundry, numerous clothes shops. a fresh fish shop, and a couple taylors which I intend to try out one day.

Painting is my new hobby.   Inspired by the wonderfuly exotic colours of  outfits worn by the children on special occasions, I brought some acrylic paints and canvases back from England and have added splodges of abstract colour to my white retreat.

Next week I intend to join the Bahrain Writers’ Society.  They may be duped into taking me in, having had a poem accepted for publication in an anthology called ‘My Beautiful Bahrain’.  Quite exciting as it means I get to go to the launch;  something to look forward to on my future horizon.

Another Splash of Colour

One Response to “In The Thick Of It”

  1. haya February 17, 2014 at 5:57 pm #

    I open your blog and quickly I am swept away into a calmer place gliding through… from one post to the next a giggle here and suddenly a laugh there but where? In you! leaving a gleaming mark on the agile and rapid internet hyperspace a person who enters this blog in quickly taken afloat through pretty positive reflections and is left in a calm anticipation to read what will happen next! Hope you get to finish your book soon!

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