Sand Days

3 Feb

When it rains the children at school rush excitedly to the window,  ‘Mass Kathaleen, look at the rain !’  My response is less exuberant understandably, having lived half my life in the rain.  However, as it’s only rained three times since I arrived last August I allow them their moment of wonder,  recalling how UK children react when it snows.

Far more exciting for me are sand days.  We had two this week.  On sand days there is a brisk,  constant wind and the horizon disappears beneath the encroaching desert.  As with snow days back home, there are hazards such as sand in the eyes, lungs, ears and  car engines, but disappointingly these do not justify an early finish at school or a day off.  The only concession being that by order of the school doctor, the children must stay indoors.

The horizon is back today, although the the forecast says it will be cloudy  with rising sand in some places and  a maximum temperature of 20C,  minimum 14C.


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