10 Feb

Five in the morning and the call to prayer drifts across Umm Al Hassam,  telling me I’m not the only one awake around here.  Usually I will have had my first cup of Yorkshire tea before the prayer.  Workdays it nearly always greets me as I exit the building to clamber,  bleary eyed  into the car.

Broadcast through loudspeakers from every mosque,  a call to prayer transforms the mundanity of life’s daily grind into timeless moments of reflection.  This appeals to my poetic and philosophical soul, but I’m not sure it would go down so well,  at the crack of dawn,  with one or two of the villagers at Cotehill.

However, to stand at the door of my Cotehill house at dawn and hear sounds of the countryside:  sheep, cows, cockrels, against the backdrop of a beautiful Cumbrian landscape,  is also to encounter a timeless moment of reflection.

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