The Lonely Goat

24 Feb

Sunning myself on the balcony, eyes closed, I am reminded of home, in particular the M6 motorway.

However, beyond the constant roar of heavy traffic, and  occasional pigeon, there is a definite lack of Cumbrian influence in the view from my balcony.

No cow speckled fields, distant mountains or quirky cottages, but tightly packed flat roofed  villas and apartment blocks , topped with hundreds of satellite dishes.  I have a bird’s eye view of the roofs immediately below me.  Being flat, they can be put to use. Some have washing machines,  lines of laundry hanging out to dry and people doing the ironing.   Others have garden sheds.  One has an abandoned child’s army jeep and another, a goat.

While the dusty abandoned jeep has been a source of some reflection,   the latter  has provided most entertainment for my balcony moments.  The goat’s owner frequently appears with a ton of bread for it to munch,  but once the birds get a whiff it doesn’t last long and anyway don’t goats need grass?

I’d be happier if there were two of them.  He seems a bit lonely down there on the roof.

As a random afterthaught. I used to work at a school in Islington, that had a playground on the roof.

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