Our Day Out

9 Mar

Last Sunday we had a day off school to recover from the Carnival, and together with my American friend, I ventured out to Seef Mall where everything is perfect. 

I don’t wish to be disloyal to  Aseel’s Supermarket round the corner or  The Bombay Boutique up the road,  where almost all  my daily needs are met,  but to visit Seef Mall,  is to experience heaven on earth;   a vast space of marbelled splendour and global merchandise.

We enjoyed a pot of tea and macaroons  at the exquisite  Paul’s’  Cafe.  It was Paul’s  special tea,  which  I suspect  is   Yorkshire Tea, therefore unbeatable.  As we sipped and nibbled,  the conversation drifted, as it often does,  to pronunciation, and my continued effort to teach Victoria how to say the word  ‘butty’  in true Liverpool style.   After many attempts she still couldn’t get it right and we had to accept the corrupt version,  ‘chip buddy’,  as the best she could do.

Moving on,  we headed happily to  Marks and Spencer’s, where we agreed the clothes are a cut above The Bombay Boutique’s,  but not as affordable.  This turned out to be the case throughout the Mall.

As a final treat, we went to the pictures to watch  The Lady In Black.   Knowing nothing about the story,  I was pleasantly surprised to see Harry Potter riding a steam train on the Settle to Carlisle line.

The popcorn is superior to any I’ve tasted back home.

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