11 Mar

Holidays this year have been a bit sparse.   Next year will be better because the moon is going to be more considerate.  Most holidays here are lunar governed, which means they may not happen on the day we all think they will,  so don’t book a flight to Dubai.

Since my arrival at the end of August I have had three weeks off.  Two of those were the winter break, when I flew home for Christmas, to see my fabulous family.  The other landed in October.

An old friend  came for the week and arrived the same day we broke up. I had spent time researching and planning places to see and things to do,  but as it turned out I needn’t have bothered,  because five hours into his visit he fell ill.  A  five minute google told me he had appendicitis and I phoned  an ambulance,  which took us swiftly to the jaws of hell,  aka the emergency room at the local hospital.  Once there,  we waited another twelve hours for the surgeon to agree with my diagnosis, by which time the appendix had perforated.

After surgery, he made a swift recovery but wasn’t able to fly for a few weeks.  On reflection it was a good thing for a number of reasons.  He fixed my toaster and worked out how to programme the drier on the washing machine, as well as popping to Aseel’s for the groceries.  However, on my return from work one day he made a life changing announcement, which is worth mentioning as you too may be affected.

Having recognised a variety of symptoms from which, he observed,  I suffer, he had returned the favour and done some googling of his own … no sense of direction … numerically vague …. untidy .. and reached the conclusion that I suffer from dyscalculiar.  It came as a relief to know this after years of struggle.

Soon afterwards I nearly broke my nose on the way into an Italian restaurant, having walked into a highly pollished plate glass door, but we decided this was nothing to do with my dyscalculiar,  more to do with the fact that Barhain is too clean.

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