Blogging On

17 Mar

A combination of unrest outside, together with mild discalculia and vertigo inside, has resulted in me having to  spend a lot of time in my lovely white retreat.

The vertigo is responding to treatment and I can manage to stay upright, although sudden movements of the head trigger an alarming sensation akin to riding a roller coaster.

Yesterday I saw a really jolly ent specialist, who has the thickest ear hair imaginable; great long tufts of it.  Do people wear false ear tufts?  He was very helpful and informative. Hopefully, when I return to work tomorrow,  it won’t feel like I’m teaching at sea on a cruise boat.

Whenever I’m in touch with folks back home, they’re usually just off to the gym, or have just returned.  Recently, after a chat with one such dedicated friend, I was thinking how nice it would be to have a gym handy, so I could go off to it.  Then I remembered the one on the sixth floor just above me, and quickly banished the thought. But now I’m wondering if it’s wise to exercise in my condition … ?

Sooo what to blog about? I ask myself. Aware that my blogees are waiting eagerly for my next effort, and that I am aiming to reach the 15 blog milestone. I have decided to write about writing.  Yesterday I toyed with the notion of writing about past blogs ….. I began blogging when I was 14, in 1967, only then it was called a diary.  I wrote about the books I was reading, my part time job at the fantastic Irish Centre in Liverpool, my family and anything I accidentally caught on the news, like the miners’ strikes of the early ’70s and the three day week, when electricity was rationed ….. I also blogged my two year stay in Colombia in the ’80s  detailing journeys around Peru and Bolivia.  In fact I was born to blog!

Anyway I decided not to write about that, although I did some interesting googling which revived deeply submerged, disturbing memories of Edward Heath and Margaret Thatcher.

Tentatively, what I decided to do is introduce you to my novel.  DON’T GO !!  Just hear me out.

I have been writing the book for as long as I can remember and every now and then pull it out with a sense of despair,  because I set about writing it in memory of an ancestor of mine, called Catherine.  I have written 9,934 words, but it needs a make over, (understatement), and it needs to be finished.  So as an incentive, and with added inspiration from the Bahrain Writers’ Circle, I will have a go at completing the project while I’m here.

Not that I intend blogging the whole thing, (audible sighs of relief),  but the occasional episode just so you know I’m cracking on with it.  What do you think?

The next blog … milestone 15 … will be what is presently the opening passage.


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