Looking for Inspiration

19 Mar

Never let it be said that I don’t try when it comes to writing.  Take today, for instance. After a long hard slog teaching English to my delightful, very enthusiastic six year old students, I set off equipped with a pencil and notebook, to the Bahrain Writers’ Circle creative writers’ meeting.

My friend Victoria drove me to Adliah, a bustling, trendy hub of shops and  cafes, and, obviously impressed by my dedication, left me at the end of the road to walk the short distance to our venue, a quirky little cafe stroke art gallery.  Toting my notebook and pencil,  and still a little unsteady on account of the vertigo ( sorry to keep mentioning it), I climbed the little wooden staircase to where the meeting was to be.

Four paint splashed artists working on a giant canvas registered astonishment as I hovered in the doorway of the room where last we met, wondering how quickly they could clear the deck, to make way for my creative writing class, due to begin in twenty minutes.

Slowly it dawned on me; they were going nowhere.  Out on the street, I wandered for a while, through the chaos of traffic and Persian rug vendors, looking for my lost group.  But to no avail.  They were, by now no doubt scribbling away in an ecstacy of creativity and, resisting the urge to buy a stuffed camel,  I had no choice, but  to take a taxi home.

Hence an unplanned blog.  I’d hoped to have had a transformation for this one, but it’s the same old same old.

Note to self …. Double check the venue before you set off next time.

Now I have to decide what to tell Victoria when she asks me how it went … .

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