The Beatles in Bahrain

23 Mar

On our daily drive to work and back Victoria and I usually have a lot to talk about.  Sometimes it’s serious stuff like the American Presidency, which I find more interesting than usual, having a real live American point of view to quiz.  Or we have general chats about our families in Carlisle and Michigan.

A while ago we discovered a radio channel which plays all the old fashioned songs of our youth, so when the conversation lulls we usually have a bit of a sing along to the likes of Jimmy Hendrix, Deep Purple or The Beatles

Music is a great tool for narrowing the cultural divide. Recently the school held a talent contest and I was   surprised to see the girls dancing to the same music students back home play.  Up until then I had  witnessed traditional festivals at school where they dressed, sang and danced in the rich, style of their cultural heritage.  So to see them bring along Mylei Cylus wigs and dancing to Jessie J’s ‘Price Tag’ made me quite emotional, having seen the students at the Richard Rose Academy in Carlisle do the same less than a year ago.

Sadly, I can’t see the hypnotically rhythmic music of the desert, catching on that well with the Carlisle kids, but then again it wouldn’t have the same magic, taken out of the context of sun, sand and the Middle Eastern culture.  Hopefully I’ll have time to learn more about it once the pressure of school inspections eases, so that on my return to England in June, I’ll keep my neighbours awake by sending loud Bahraini tunes across the wild Cumbrian landscape


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