Amwaj Island

30 Mar

Yesterday was different from the norm as it was careers’ day at school.  The girls turned up as nurses, doctors, soldiers, fire officers, police women, singers, teachers, business women, artists, chefs and footballers.  Some career mums came to talk to them and it was an altogether great day.

Today Victoria and I had an excursion to Amwaj Island, which is reclaimed land and a playground for the rich.  It was our first visit and  seemed like a ghost town as we drove around looking for a cup of tea shop.  At last we found a promising sign which lead us into a multistory car park, the other side of which was all the action.  We found a huge  Cafe, which displayed all types of tea known to man.  I ordered Masala Chai, a milky, spicey brew with cardamom and cinamon, which is as comforting as a cup of hot chocolate.

Next we visited the only Waitrose store on the island, but discovered  they do not sell Yorkshire Tea Bags or Rachel’s Ginger Yoghurt …. my measure of a decent shop.  So we moved on to Al Orosa, the only store that does.

It’s been an odd day weatherwise with a dust storm early morning,  thunderstorms in the afternoon and very hot.

At home now watching the UK petrol fiasco on telly ….

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