The Promised Land

8 Apr

Today has been eventful, although I have not yet metamorphosed and am still awaiting the arrival of the iphone4s. Tomorrow should be the day.

Meanwhile, not wanting to stray too far from home in case it arrived, I went on holiday to the balcony.  As my landlord forgot to furnish it, I usually spend the odd few minutes leaning over the rail to check out the goat and the Yemen Embassy rooftop, but today I carted a couple of duvets and set up camp with a book and a cup of tea.

Later, after a spot of sunbathing, I decided to go to Mass at the Cathedral Of The Sacred Heart, as it’s Easter Sunday.  A huge complex built around a courtyard, there were a number of services running simultaniously in various outbuildings, as well as in the main Cathedral.  The English Mass was scheduled for 7.00pm and as it was 11.00am I joined the one happening at the time. Not sure what language, but I’m guessing Urdu.  It was a huge congregation all looking their Easter best.

On the way home I did my usual trick of getting completely lost and drifted a bit far into the maze of haphazard streets and alleyways, away from the noise of the traffic, where the walls are heavily graffitied in Arabic script  saying, ‘go home middle aged English woman. We don’t need your sort around here’. Or words to that effect. At last I stumbled on an illegal taxi driver who got me out of there and drove me home, whilst conducting his illegal taxi business on two mobile phones, and showing me pictures of his family in India.

He returned later to take me to the Bahrain Writers’ Circle meeting, and later still to bring me home again.

Victoria emailed to say she went up the mountain from which Moses saw the Promised Land, but it was a bit hazy.

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