Catherine 5

13 Apr



As the door closed Catherine watched Auntie Lizzie’s stoney countenance until the barrier separated them.  They had reached the other side and were now ‘inmates ‘.

‘William and Alfred, follow me.’

A girl, not much older that Catherine stood in the shadows; her sharp features wizened and bereft of passion, gave no comfort to the silent trio.

Catherine took Alfie and Billy by the hand.

‘Come on you two. It’ll be all right.  Dad’ll come and fetch us.’ 

 She said defiantly passing the girl.

‘Not you.  You ‘ave to leave them.’


‘Leave them.’ 

‘I can’t leave them. They’re my brothers. I look after them.’ 

 Catherine felt her heart pound.

‘You ‘ave to.’

 The girl was impassive.  She had seen and heard it all before.  Pushing Catherine roughly against the wall she wrenched the boys from her hands and dragged them along the ill lit corridor.   

Catherine watched in despair until they were engulfed by shadows, and Alfie’s howls were heard no more.

Lizzie went home and wept.

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