Oolong Lady Orchid

1 May

Summer has arrived and three hours after sunset the balcony floor is still hot.  It’s not as hot as August yet. Back then the heat was so intense that crossing the road was an effort and my hands would swell.  But it is, nevertheless, very hot.

It’s been an eventful few weeks here.  The Grand Prix came and went … Well actually that’s about as eventful as it gets, although on the work front I entered some students for a Spelling Bee and one of them got through to the final, which involved a trip to the Institute of Technology and a very grand affair it was.  Presided over by The Secretary for Education …Lord of the Spells.  My little entrant was tripped up by a homophone .. barefoot, and went for the furry version ‘bearfoot’, however she came in third and was happy with her set of Dr Seuze books.

Victoria and I had another day out at Seef Mall where we had pedicures and went to see a movie, The Flowers of War, with Christian Bale, which traumatised us for the rest of the evening and the following day.  In fact I don’t think I’ll recover from the trauma of the film, which is about the Japanese invasion of Nanjing, China.

My metomorphasis has occured, and I am now in possession of an iphone and able to ‘check in’ on facebook wherever I am.  This must be annoying for my facebook friends, but is a great help to me, as when I get home I can see where I’ve been, also I can take a photo and send it half way around the world within seconds.

Today was Labour Day and we had a holiday, so went to Amraj Island Tea Club to luxuriate.  I had a pot of Oolong Lady Orchid tea which is truly delicious and possibly as good as Yorkshire Tea.

Next Saturday is the launch of the book ‘My Beautiful Bahrain’, wherein lies my poem ‘Bahrain’,.  It’s happening at a book store in Seef Mall and I’m going along for the signings.  I’m sure Victoria will want me to sign her a copy …Image

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