The Ball

11 May

It’s Friday !  The mental equivalent to Saturday back in the UK, and I have two whole days of freedom.

The main event of the past week was the launch of the book ‘My Beautiful Bahrain’ which, as I may have mentioned once or twice … or maybe more, is home to my poem ‘Bahrain’, as well as many other wonderful poems, stories and articles about the country.

The launch was amazing ! Who would have guessed that when I quietly penned my reflections about the island, a few weeks after arriving, that six months later I’d be part of the biggest launch of a book Bahrain has seen in a long while?  So many proud and happy people gathered to celebrate the achievement, which was the brainchild of Robin Barratt, founder of the Bahrain Writers’ Circle. We got the star treatment with flash photographers lined up to capture the moment and our book is a central feature in the book stores!

Back at school, having shelved my ball gown, we held the final parent conference of the year … FINAL :-))

Today’s fantastic event is that my beautiful, hardworking daughter Fionuala, is handing in her disertation, after weeks and weeks of grind. CONGRATULATIONS FI !! One more essay and an exam and you’ve made it !

The hotel is booked for the Graduation in July, and before that Fi is coming to see me… very exciting!

I think a trip to Dubai for a Graduation shopping spree may be in order.

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