Maa as-salaamah Bahrain ….. Goodbye Bahrain

29 Jun


School finished yesterday after the usual end of term flurry.  My colleagues are now heading to their various far flung homes and our bags are packed in wait for the 3.00 am taxi to the airport.   First stop Abu Dhabi, then on to Manchester and some dubious weather.

The past three weeks were notable for the arrival of my daughter Fionuala, whose 2.1 degree result gave us an excuse to splash out on a bottle of Champaign.  We had a weekend in Dubai and managed to squash in all the sightseeing we planned, including a trip up the Burj Khalifa, famous for being the tallest building in the world and for Tom Cruise abseiling down in ‘Mission Impossible’.

So for now it’s back to little Cotehill with gardening on my mind. 

However, I will be returning at the end of August to tackle my new role as Head of Elementary English, and as it will be my sixtieth year on the planet I intend to make it a special one.

  There will be a blog!

Thank you for reading this one xxxx





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