A Rendezvous

1 Oct

Three weeks had passed since Bernie and Colleen had left her; only three weeks? It seemed like three life times.  She thought about their parting words.’ We’ll be at the gate every day.’ and hoped they had not given up on her,  regretting having almost given up on herself. 

After supper she went to the yard and peered through the railings at busy Brownlow Hill, where the early evening socialites were about their business.  Carriages carrying the very rich bumped along the cobbled road towards the City Centre where entertainment of the highest rank awaited them at theatres, music halls and restaurants.  Liverpool was the second city to London and home to many wealthy merchants who enjoyed a charmed life in landscaped  mansions, beyond reach of the sullied arms of smoke and grime.

Catherine was indifferent towards these people.  She liked to see the beautufully groomed horses and polished carriages, but her thoughts never drifted to greater depths. She accepted that she was not one of them, and that was the end of it.

‘So there y’are Cathy me darlin!!’

Her world warmed at the sound of Colleen’s melodic voice.

‘It’s standin’ here every night we’ve been and after frettin’ our socks off about you.’ Colleen scolded, but the girls joined hands through the railings, knowing that no such barrier could hinder their friendship.

Bernadette and Colleen looked stunning, with bright red shawls and emerald green bonnets to brighten their plain brown frocks.   Long dark curls hung in ringlets the like of which would never be seen on Catherine’s side of the railings.

‘Gertie gave me a message from ‘elen in the itch ward.’ Catherine whispered.

‘Elen?’ The girls were puzzled.

‘Yes,she knows my daddy.’

‘Ah, sure the one you spoke to when we were about looking for Bernie.’ Colleen recalled their Christmas visit to the Infirmary with a smile.

‘She says to look in The Crown on Lime Street and he’s got a ticket to America.’

‘America! Jaysus! I’ll ask me da to look for him.  The Crown on Lime Street’s not the sort of place ladies like us should be hang’n around, so it’s not.’ Said Bernie with a wink.

‘More for the ladies of the night, to be sure.’ Colleen swung her purse and affected a provocative walk to make her point.

The three laughed histerically until the bell rang for Cathy to return to her dormitory and destroyed the mirth.

‘Stay strong now Cathy! You’ll soon be out here with us, havin’ a laugh!’ Colleen comforted.

‘See you tomorrow?’ She she pleaded.

‘We will that!’ Bernie promised.
































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    HAPPY 60th KATH HAVE Brill time. LUV. M XXX
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