Bye Bye Beautiful Bahrain

6 Jun

Recently I joined a Facebook group called ‘May You Stay Forever Young’. It’s a Bob Dylan fan gathering place, which provides daily links to old recordings and videos of Bob.

Listening to his music takes me back to my days as a Bohemian in 1970’s Hull.  Interesting times but short-lived.  However, the poet’s lyrics are serenading me through my final days in Bahrain, as the Ministry of Education here deems that I have reached retirement age.

It was unexpected news for me back in October.  A sad time ensued, but I eventually  came to terms with the reality and began to plan a journey round the U.K. on my cheap pensioner’s train ticket.  Then, a strange thing happened.  I had a Skype interview for a job in Cairo and got it.  So here I am seeing out my time in Bahrain, still surprised to find myself here, and already in possession of a ticket to Cairo in August. Incredible! 

Consequently I must end my ‘Middle Aged in the Middle East’ blog to make way for a new one;  ‘Ancient in Egypt’


One Response to “Bye Bye Beautiful Bahrain”

  1. susanpots June 16, 2014 at 4:55 pm #

    I was glued to your story of the Dana in a Bahrain house.
    Loved your photos of Bahrain. Such a different part of the world from where I am.
    My father worked in Bahrain many years ago, us kids would have followed him anywhere, but that was not to be. Heard many unusual stories, but they were man stories, not a woman story as yours is.

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