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31 Oct

Hello! I’ve been very busy settling into my new job and home in chaotic Cairo, but still trying to keep going with some writing. It keeps me sane.

I recently had my collection of poems about a teddy bear called Harry Pennington published as an Ebook. The link is above.

It makes good reading, even for adults.

Back soon with my new blog Ancient in Egypt

Halloween Harry

31 Oct

Halloween Harry

One day my mummy dressed me up
And painted me bright green!
She said that we were visiting
A friend for Halloween.

I looked at Harry Pennington
And he looked back at me.
I knew what he was thinking.
I was a sight to see.

My face was green, my eyes were red.
Two horns protruded from my head.
A long black cloak that reached the floor,
A giant fork, not sure what for!

I studied my reflection
While trembling with fear.
With Harry sitting watching me,
I had a bright idea.

It wouldn’t be so scary
If my friend was with me there,
So Harry Pennington
Became a ghostly teddy bear!

He wore a white net curtain
With holes cut for his eyes.
We couldn’t wait till daddy came,
To give him a surprise.

We hid behind the sofa,
When he came home for tea,
Then jumped at him and shouted ‘ boo!’
His fear was clear to see.

When we were at the party,
We frightened all in sight,
Then laughed about our mischief
As we went to sleep that night.