Halloween Harry

31 Oct

Halloween Harry

One day my mummy dressed me up
And painted me bright green!
She said that we were visiting
A friend for Halloween.

I looked at Harry Pennington
And he looked back at me.
I knew what he was thinking.
I was a sight to see.

My face was green, my eyes were red.
Two horns protruded from my head.
A long black cloak that reached the floor,
A giant fork, not sure what for!

I studied my reflection
While trembling with fear.
With Harry sitting watching me,
I had a bright idea.

It wouldn’t be so scary
If my friend was with me there,
So Harry Pennington
Became a ghostly teddy bear!

He wore a white net curtain
With holes cut for his eyes.
We couldn’t wait till daddy came,
To give him a surprise.

We hid behind the sofa,
When he came home for tea,
Then jumped at him and shouted ‘ boo!’
His fear was clear to see.

When we were at the party,
We frightened all in sight,
Then laughed about our mischief
As we went to sleep that night.

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