1 Nov


Shisha men gawp

as we pass through

the stench thick ancient street.

We pick our way

with English high street shoes.

Did Cleopatra once walk here?

Scavanging dogs observe us,

brief distraction from their quest.

Narrow alleys throb with Alexandrians

about their day.

We pick our way

past beggars, horse drawn carts

and internet cafes in caves;

past barefoot kids and

iphone toting youths.

The shisha men who watch the daily show

are pleased to see a change in the routine.

We move across their stage,

a talking point, remarkable,

two women from the West.

Then down into the catacombs

deep beneath the busy street

in cool darkness, chizzled stone

communicates a mystery.

Down below we stand in awe

and shiver

in an old Egyptian tomb.

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