Harry Pennington in New York

1 Nov


One day my mummy woke me up

And started to explain,

That all my clothes were packed

‘Because, we’re flying in a ‘plane!’


Except for what I had that day.

Red shirt with yellow parrots,

And Harry P would wear his coat,

With rabbits eating carrots.


The plane was big and daddy brought

A book called, ‘New York Sights’.

He said that we’d be staying there

Six days and seven nights.


I fell asleep and soon we reached

The airport with our bags,

Then in a yellow taxi

Saw sky-scrapers waving flags.


They’re called the Stars and Stripes

Mum said, as I was waving back.

We soon reached our hotel and dad said;

‘Now let’s hit the sack!’


I looked at Harry Pennington

And he looked back at me

I knew what he was thinking.

A sack? Oh dearie me!


Then mum said not to worry.

‘It’s American for bed.

And you’ll have somewhere very nice

To rest your weary head.’


And sure enough my bed was round

With yellow, bright sunbeams.

I went to sleep with Harry P,

To dream sweet Yankee dreams.


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