Harry Has a Picnic

2 Nov


One day my mummy took us for

A picnic by the lake.

She packed a basket full of

Food and drink for us to take.


With sandwiches and lemonade,

Some cups with yellow trucks.

A bright red cloth and paper plates

Then something for the ducks.


The lake was very busy,

So we watched as people played,

With rowing boats and fishing nets,

Then ate the food mum made.


My teddy, Harry Pennington

Sat underneath a tree,

Enjoying all the sights and sounds.

He loves to be with me.


He wore his silver star,

If he got lost the world would know,

That he belongs to me.

It has his name and mine below.


As mum packed up I saw a magpie

Watching from afar.

Then to our fright it swooped

And picked up Harry by his star!


Mum jumped to reach poor Harry.

He was sailing through the air.

I shouted ‘Bring him back,

He’s mine!’ The magpie didn’t care.


It took him to an island

In the middle of the lake.

Then mummy ran to fetch a boat

And I began to quake.


She put me in the boat

and said,’ Now hold on very tight!’

Then she began to row and row

And row with all her might!


When we got to the island,

Mum jumped out and so did I.

Then very soon, up on a branch,

We spied the bold magpie.


Poor Harry P was in the tree,

We saw his silver star.

Then mum climbed up to save him.

She’s the bravest mum by far!


When Harry Pennington came down,

I knew he’d had a fright

Mum said the magpie liked the star,

Because it was so bright.


We paddled back across the lake,

With Harry close to me.

When going, there were two of us,

Now we were back to three.


That night as we climbed into bed

I looked at Harry P,

And knew that he was pleased,

He wasn’t sleeping in a tree.


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