The Old Swan Library

8 Nov

The Old Swan Library,

where the air was thick

with silence,

was my Mother’s

favourite haunt.

Escaping from the chaos

of her life,

she’d leave us all behind

to go and choose

a book.

From time to time

she’d give the job

to me,

so I would scour the shelves

to find a book

she had not read,

and I could reach.

My playmates

left behind,

with hands still dusty

from the street,

I’d find an old Victorian gem

then hand it to the solemn

lady at the desk

who’d stamp it with a flourish.

The job complete I’d leave

the starchiness behind

and run to join the bustling

world outside.

At home mum always looked surprised

to see I’d found her such

a brilliant book.

Then off I’d run to seek my

noisy friends,

with library silence

ringing in my ears.

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