Harry at the Zoo

14 Nov

When I got up one day mum said,

‘We’re going to the zoo,

And if you take great care of him,

Your Harry may come too.’

We wore our penguin T shirts

Mum had bought just for the day,

And packed some lunch to take with us

Then off we set, ‘Hooray!’

I’d never seen an elephant

A lion or kangaroo,

But mum said I’d see everything

I wished for at the zoo.

She carried all the picnic

In her bright red bag with stars,

And Harry Pennington stood in

My back-pack, blue with cars.

His head peeped out above the zip,

So he could see things clearly,

Then walking round the zoo

I knew that he was always near me.

The animals weren’t very wild

As mostly they were sleeping.

A lion scratched himself

And looked at me.

He wasn’t leaping.

My mum said ,’It’s the time of day.

They’ve all just had their lunch,

And now they’re lazing in the sun.’

But then she had a hunch.

‘I know! Let’s find the monkey’s cage,

they’re always lively chaps.’

We found them and, to our delight

Awake, not taking naps;

But swinging high from branch to branch

And chattering as they went.

I laughed and so did Harry P.

We wondered what they meant.

Then one of them came very close

To get a better look,

Before I knew he’d stretched his arm

Reached over, then he took

Poor Harry Pennington away!

I held my breath and then,

He hurtled him across the zoo

Into the lion’s den!!

My mummy screamed and so did I

And people gathered round,

As panic spread among the crowds

A zoo-keeper was found.

We all ran to the lion’s den

And horrified we saw

The sleeping lion cuddling him!

The crowd began to roar

With laughter! I was not amused,

I wanted Harry back,

And cried to think a naughty monkey

Stole him from my pack.

The zoo-keeper said all was well;

The lion was his friend,

He’d never harm a teddy bear.

‘We’ll get him in the end.’

And sure enough the lion

Snored and turned as he was sleeping,

Then with his paw flicked Harry P.

We saw the keeper creeping.

Then bravely, to the crowds delight

He reached my Harry P.

And tip-toed from the lion’s den,

To give him back to me.

The people cheered his bravery

while I held Harry tight,

And wouldn’t let him go

Until we went to bed that night.

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