Harry In The Snow

21 Nov

One day I ate my porridge,

And wondered what to do,

I climbed up to the window,

Looked out and ‘woopy doo!’

Outside the snow was falling,

It was very deep and white.

I ran to find my wellies;

They were yellow, blue and bright.

So me and Harry Pennington,

Wrapped warm with woolly hats,

And yellow gloves with scarves to match,

Made footprints on the paths.

I built a giant snowman,

While Harry watched with glee,

And then sat Harry next to him

Great friends we were all three.

Mum called me in for dinner,

So I rushed inside to eat,

Leaving Harry Pennington

On his snowy seat.

Because my clothes were soaking wet

Mum made me change and thaw.

When I returned to see my friends,

I laughed at what I saw.

The snow had fallen, thick and fast,

And made my snowman bigger,

But Harry at his feet was now

A mini snowman figure.

His little hat peeped through the snow,

The rest of him had gone,

I gave him eyes and nose and mouth

To match the giant one.

Mummy took a photograph,

That lovely, snowy day,

Of snowman Harry with our friend,

Before he went away.

That night as we were drying out,

The rain began to fall.

It warmed the snow until next day,

There was none left at all.

Poor Harry Pennington was sad,

We’d lost our snowman friend,

But we still had the photographs.

Some friendships never end

One Response to “Harry In The Snow”

  1. redgladiola December 9, 2014 at 7:20 pm #

    Very cute. Adorable.

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