Harry’s Christmas Gift

25 Nov

When Harry Pennington and I

Woke up one Christmas morning,

My mum and dad were fast asleep.

The day was barely dawning.


I climbed up to the window seat.

Outside a star was glowing.

The moon shone bright and winked because

The weather had been snowing!

And on our Green the Christmas Tree,

Bright lights and full of cheer,

Winked back and waited patiently,

For people to appear.

And then I thought I might go down,

To see if Santa came.

I looked at Harry Pennington

And knew he thought the same.

I felt a little worried,

As I tiptoed down the stairs.

I’m not always as good as gold,

But I know Santa cares.

He brought me Harry Pennington

When I was one month old;

My very special teddy bear,

And worth his weight in gold.

I stood outside the living room,

Wondering what I’d find,

And hoping hard that Santa

Had been very, very kind.

I pushed the door and stood before

Our lovely Christmas tree,

And saw around the bottom,

Lots of presents just for me!

Just then I had an awful thought.

There was no gift for Harry!

I left him near the Christmas Tree

There was no time to tarry.

I knew what he would really like.

We always like the same.

I’d give him something we could use

To play a great fun game!

Then crept into the garden,

Pure white with soft snowfall,

And there I made my Harry P

A giant, round snowball.

I put it in a plastic bag,

Then underneath the tree,

And waited for my mum and dad

To come downstairs with me.

They soon arrived and mummy said

‘Fantastic! Santa’s been!’

He’d brought some lovely toys

And lots of socks, bright blue and green.

Harry was impressed, I knew.

I smiled at him with glee,

As I reached for his present,

Beneath the Christmas tree.

I lifted Harry up to look

Inside the bag and see,

But to my fright I found it full

Of water. ‘Deary me!’

I wondered where the snowball went

And couldn’t understand.

Then mummy said it melted,

And daddy took my hand.

He lead me to the Village Green

And Harry joined us there.

We made a super snowball for

Our special teddy bear.

We had a smashing snowball fight

And Harry was the winner!

Then afterwards went home to dry

And eat our Christmas dinner.

That night before I went to bed,

I saw the moon still winking.

And when I looked at Harry P,

I knew what he was thinking.

Our Christmas had been brilliant fun,

And Santa’s very clever,

But then we wished that he could make

A snowball last forever.

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