Harry Goes to Mars

6 Dec

One night when it was bedtime,

Mum sat me on her knee.

She’d found a giant picture book,

And wanted me to see.


I settled Harry Pennington,

So he could see it too,

Then mummy turned the pages,

As into space we flew!


The book had lovely pictures

Of the planets, moon and stars,

And I and Harry wished

That we could go to visit Mars.


I put on my pyjamas,

Blue with silver rockets,

Buttons shaped like crescent moons

And zippers on the pockets.


I brushed my teeth and saw the moon

Peep through the bathroom curtain;

A giant lamp up in the sky

(He winked at me I’m certain).


That night I dreamed we went to Mars,

Brave Harry P and me.

A friendly Martian showed us round,

And took us home for tea.


He gave us lots of Martian food,

Bright orange, blue and red.

We met his friendly family,

Then went to Martian bed.


When morning came, I looked around

Expecting Martian day,

But mummy came to get me up,

Our friends had gone away.


So ever since at bedtime,

Harry Pennington and I,

Sit on the bedroom window sill,

And look up to the sky.


We find our favourite planet,

And wave across the miles.

Then say good-night to our old friends,

And send them earthly smiles. 

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