Life Without Harry Pennington

6 Dec

If Harry Pennington had gone to

Someone else, not me,

Sometimes I can’t help wondering,

How different life would be.


What if dear old Santa Clause

Had somehow lost his way,

And taken Harry somewhere else

That special Christmas Day?


I’d wake up every morning,

To find no Harry there,

And everything I did

There’d be no Harry anywhere.


Out shopping with my mummy

Or playing in the house,

I’d have no-one to talk to

And be quiet as a mouse.


There’d be no Harry watching me

When I did silly things,

Or smiling at my funny jokes.

No love my teddy brings.


He’d surely not be happy,

With someone else somewhere.

I’m certain Harry P would be

A sadder teddy bear.


We’d have no great adventures,

As pirates on the seas,

With eye patches and parrots

And treasure chests with keys.


No cuddles when I’m poorly,

Or smiling at the stars,

No waving to the moon at night,

Or to our friends on Mars.


Then when I look at Harry,

And he looks back at me,

We know the truth; he’s mine forever-more.

That’s plain to see.

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