Harry and the Eggs

9 Dec

My mum boiled lots of eggs one day,

But didn’t make the toast.

Instead she started painting them,

My dad said, ‘Mum’s engrossed.’


I looked at Harry Pennington

And he looked back at me,

I knew what he was thinking,

Engrossed? Oh deary me!


I’d never heard the word before,

But thought it strange indeed,

That mummy should be painting eggs.

My Harry P agreed.


We thought eggs were for scrambling,

Or having fried with beans;

Not colouring with dots and lines

Of reds and blues and greens.


Then mum said, ‘You can paint one too.’

And much to my surprise,

She passed an egg then said,

‘Now paint a mouth, a nose and eyes.’


When dad came in he looked and said,

‘I see you’re both engrossed’.

But I was far too busy,

And, my egg was now a ghost.


I flew it through the air,

Then made a very ghostly sound,

And Harry thought my eggy spook

The scariest around.


When every egg was painted,

Mum put them all away,

Then said, ‘It’s time for bed now,

And tomorrow’s Easter Day!’


One Response to “Harry and the Eggs”

  1. redgladiola December 9, 2014 at 7:19 pm #

    Haha, funny and sweet. Enjoyed this a lot! =)

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