Harry at the Seaside

15 Dec

Mum took us to the seaside

Harry Pennington and me.

The seagulls joined our laughter,

As we paddled in the sea.

I felt a little nervous,

But mummy held my hand,

While all my toes were wriggling

And sinking in the sand.

Harry P was in a bucket.

I had to keep him there.

If he got wet he’d turn into

A soggy teddy bear.

The bucket had a handle

And little sailing boats

And with it came a bright red spade,

For digging holes and moats.

We finished with our paddling,

Said good bye to the sea.

Then sat and ate some sandwiches

With egg and cress for me.

I had a glass of lemonade

And seaside flossy candy,

Then when we built a sandcastle

The bucket came in handy.

With Harry out we used it

For the turrets of the fort.

I wished we had some soldiers,

And then I had a thought.

I looked at Harry Pennington

And he looked back at me

He knew what I was thinking

A soldier he would be!

So from the picnic pack

My mum found a lot of silver paper,

And like a sandwich wrapped him up,

Poor Harry, what a caper!

My mum said Harry looked the part

I think that she was right

And I was proud to be his friend.

My Harry was a knight!

The sun began to disappear,

Behind the sparkly sea.

I told the seagulls we’d be back,

Then went home for my tea.

We had to leave the fort

Because mum said it wouldn’t pack.

With no-one there to guard it

Soon the sea would take it back.

When we got home I had a bath

And was surprised to see,

That so much sand had found its way

Back to our house with me.

Then later when we went to bed

We smiled about our day,

And hoped we’d soon go back

To where the seagulls like to play.

2 Responses to “Harry at the Seaside”

  1. rsvendsen07 December 15, 2014 at 4:21 am #

    This is such a sweet poetical story. I loved it’s innocent. It made me smile. ❤️

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