Harry the Lion

15 Dec

At play-school Harry Pennington

Was with me every day.

Mum brought a tiny chair for him

So he could watch me play.


We made a Show one sunny day,

For all our friends to see.

Mum dressed me in a tiger suit,

Then turned to Harry P


Soon Harry Pennington had gone,

And sitting in his place,

A lion with a mane and tail

And whiskers on his face.


Then setting off for Playschool,

As in the car we piled,

My daddy shouted out



I looked at Harry Pennington

And he looked back at me.

I knew what he was thinking,

Wild beasts we both would be.


So looking through the window,

We snarled at passers by

Then shouted ‘GRRRR!’

And ‘GRRRR!’ again

Fierce Harry P and I.


The people were astonished

And some ran off in fright.

A tiger with a lion

Is a very scary sight.


Our show was lots of fun,

We had to act and dance and sing.

My Harry made me proud

When he became the Lion King.


My room became a jungle den

As into bed I pounced.

‘Now Harry P the lion

Will stand guard.’

My dad announced.


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