Harry Moves House

26 Dec

One morning I came down the stairs,

In my striped pyjamas,

Blue and white with pineapples

And buttons like bananas.


I looked around and thought, ‘that’s odd’,

Our house was not the same.

My teddy Harry was surprised.

We wondered who to blame.


The strangest things were happening;

The living room was bare,

With nothing left to sit on,

And boxes everywhere.


My mum was in the kitchen,

Gran was in there too,

And all the plates and cups had gone.

Whatever would we do?


I went to look in every room,

Squeezing Harry’s hand.

My house had been turned upside-down!

I couldn’t understand.


Then mum gave me some porridge,

And said, ‘You’ll have to hurry!

I need to pack your bowl and spoon.’

So I began to worry.


And then my dad rushed in and said,

‘We’ll soon be on our way’.

The men are here to move us to our other house,



Three giant men began to take

Our furniture outside,

And put it in a huge red van.

I knew we had to hide.


I didn’t want to leave our house

And Harry felt the same,

We climbed inside a big blue box

Beneath the window frame.


I cuddled Harry close to me

And didn’t say a peep.

We waited there a long, long time

And then I fell asleep.


When I woke up I heard my Gran

And Mum and Dad all chatting.

I stuck my head outside the box

And then they started laughing!


I looked at Harry Pennington

And he looked back at me.

We knew we weren’t still in our house

The truth was plain to see.


Dad pulled us from our little den,

Still laughing all the while.

He said he’d marked the big blue box

A giant red ‘FRAGILE’.


I like our new house very much,

My room is blue with stars,

And in the corner stands the box

We came in, full of cars.


And when I go to bed at night

I always smile at Harry

And say it’s lucky that our box

Was light enough to carry.


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