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Harry Moves House

26 Dec

One morning I came down the stairs,

In my striped pyjamas,

Blue and white with pineapples

And buttons like bananas.


I looked around and thought, ‘that’s odd’,

Our house was not the same.

My teddy Harry was surprised.

We wondered who to blame.


The strangest things were happening;

The living room was bare,

With nothing left to sit on,

And boxes everywhere.


My mum was in the kitchen,

Gran was in there too,

And all the plates and cups had gone.

Whatever would we do?


I went to look in every room,

Squeezing Harry’s hand.

My house had been turned upside-down!

I couldn’t understand.


Then mum gave me some porridge,

And said, ‘You’ll have to hurry!

I need to pack your bowl and spoon.’

So I began to worry.


And then my dad rushed in and said,

‘We’ll soon be on our way’.

The men are here to move us to our other house,



Three giant men began to take

Our furniture outside,

And put it in a huge red van.

I knew we had to hide.


I didn’t want to leave our house

And Harry felt the same,

We climbed inside a big blue box

Beneath the window frame.


I cuddled Harry close to me

And didn’t say a peep.

We waited there a long, long time

And then I fell asleep.


When I woke up I heard my Gran

And Mum and Dad all chatting.

I stuck my head outside the box

And then they started laughing!


I looked at Harry Pennington

And he looked back at me.

We knew we weren’t still in our house

The truth was plain to see.


Dad pulled us from our little den,

Still laughing all the while.

He said he’d marked the big blue box

A giant red ‘FRAGILE’.


I like our new house very much,

My room is blue with stars,

And in the corner stands the box

We came in, full of cars.


And when I go to bed at night

I always smile at Harry

And say it’s lucky that our box

Was light enough to carry.


Harry the Lion

15 Dec

At play-school Harry Pennington

Was with me every day.

Mum brought a tiny chair for him

So he could watch me play.


We made a Show one sunny day,

For all our friends to see.

Mum dressed me in a tiger suit,

Then turned to Harry P


Soon Harry Pennington had gone,

And sitting in his place,

A lion with a mane and tail

And whiskers on his face.


Then setting off for Playschool,

As in the car we piled,

My daddy shouted out



I looked at Harry Pennington

And he looked back at me.

I knew what he was thinking,

Wild beasts we both would be.


So looking through the window,

We snarled at passers by

Then shouted ‘GRRRR!’

And ‘GRRRR!’ again

Fierce Harry P and I.


The people were astonished

And some ran off in fright.

A tiger with a lion

Is a very scary sight.


Our show was lots of fun,

We had to act and dance and sing.

My Harry made me proud

When he became the Lion King.


My room became a jungle den

As into bed I pounced.

‘Now Harry P the lion

Will stand guard.’

My dad announced.


Harry at the Seaside

15 Dec

Mum took us to the seaside

Harry Pennington and me.

The seagulls joined our laughter,

As we paddled in the sea.

I felt a little nervous,

But mummy held my hand,

While all my toes were wriggling

And sinking in the sand.

Harry P was in a bucket.

I had to keep him there.

If he got wet he’d turn into

A soggy teddy bear.

The bucket had a handle

And little sailing boats

And with it came a bright red spade,

For digging holes and moats.

We finished with our paddling,

Said good bye to the sea.

Then sat and ate some sandwiches

With egg and cress for me.

I had a glass of lemonade

And seaside flossy candy,

Then when we built a sandcastle

The bucket came in handy.

With Harry out we used it

For the turrets of the fort.

I wished we had some soldiers,

And then I had a thought.

I looked at Harry Pennington

And he looked back at me

He knew what I was thinking

A soldier he would be!

So from the picnic pack

My mum found a lot of silver paper,

And like a sandwich wrapped him up,

Poor Harry, what a caper!

My mum said Harry looked the part

I think that she was right

And I was proud to be his friend.

My Harry was a knight!

The sun began to disappear,

Behind the sparkly sea.

I told the seagulls we’d be back,

Then went home for my tea.

We had to leave the fort

Because mum said it wouldn’t pack.

With no-one there to guard it

Soon the sea would take it back.

When we got home I had a bath

And was surprised to see,

That so much sand had found its way

Back to our house with me.

Then later when we went to bed

We smiled about our day,

And hoped we’d soon go back

To where the seagulls like to play.

Harry and the Eggs

9 Dec

My mum boiled lots of eggs one day,

But didn’t make the toast.

Instead she started painting them,

My dad said, ‘Mum’s engrossed.’


I looked at Harry Pennington

And he looked back at me,

I knew what he was thinking,

Engrossed? Oh deary me!


I’d never heard the word before,

But thought it strange indeed,

That mummy should be painting eggs.

My Harry P agreed.


We thought eggs were for scrambling,

Or having fried with beans;

Not colouring with dots and lines

Of reds and blues and greens.


Then mum said, ‘You can paint one too.’

And much to my surprise,

She passed an egg then said,

‘Now paint a mouth, a nose and eyes.’


When dad came in he looked and said,

‘I see you’re both engrossed’.

But I was far too busy,

And, my egg was now a ghost.


I flew it through the air,

Then made a very ghostly sound,

And Harry thought my eggy spook

The scariest around.


When every egg was painted,

Mum put them all away,

Then said, ‘It’s time for bed now,

And tomorrow’s Easter Day!’


Life Without Harry Pennington

6 Dec

If Harry Pennington had gone to

Someone else, not me,

Sometimes I can’t help wondering,

How different life would be.


What if dear old Santa Clause

Had somehow lost his way,

And taken Harry somewhere else

That special Christmas Day?


I’d wake up every morning,

To find no Harry there,

And everything I did

There’d be no Harry anywhere.


Out shopping with my mummy

Or playing in the house,

I’d have no-one to talk to

And be quiet as a mouse.


There’d be no Harry watching me

When I did silly things,

Or smiling at my funny jokes.

No love my teddy brings.


He’d surely not be happy,

With someone else somewhere.

I’m certain Harry P would be

A sadder teddy bear.


We’d have no great adventures,

As pirates on the seas,

With eye patches and parrots

And treasure chests with keys.


No cuddles when I’m poorly,

Or smiling at the stars,

No waving to the moon at night,

Or to our friends on Mars.


Then when I look at Harry,

And he looks back at me,

We know the truth; he’s mine forever-more.

That’s plain to see.

Harry Goes to Mars

6 Dec

One night when it was bedtime,

Mum sat me on her knee.

She’d found a giant picture book,

And wanted me to see.


I settled Harry Pennington,

So he could see it too,

Then mummy turned the pages,

As into space we flew!


The book had lovely pictures

Of the planets, moon and stars,

And I and Harry wished

That we could go to visit Mars.


I put on my pyjamas,

Blue with silver rockets,

Buttons shaped like crescent moons

And zippers on the pockets.


I brushed my teeth and saw the moon

Peep through the bathroom curtain;

A giant lamp up in the sky

(He winked at me I’m certain).


That night I dreamed we went to Mars,

Brave Harry P and me.

A friendly Martian showed us round,

And took us home for tea.


He gave us lots of Martian food,

Bright orange, blue and red.

We met his friendly family,

Then went to Martian bed.


When morning came, I looked around

Expecting Martian day,

But mummy came to get me up,

Our friends had gone away.


So ever since at bedtime,

Harry Pennington and I,

Sit on the bedroom window sill,

And look up to the sky.


We find our favourite planet,

And wave across the miles.

Then say good-night to our old friends,

And send them earthly smiles. 

Harry’s Christmas Gift

25 Nov

When Harry Pennington and I

Woke up one Christmas morning,

My mum and dad were fast asleep.

The day was barely dawning.


I climbed up to the window seat.

Outside a star was glowing.

The moon shone bright and winked because

The weather had been snowing!

And on our Green the Christmas Tree,

Bright lights and full of cheer,

Winked back and waited patiently,

For people to appear.

And then I thought I might go down,

To see if Santa came.

I looked at Harry Pennington

And knew he thought the same.

I felt a little worried,

As I tiptoed down the stairs.

I’m not always as good as gold,

But I know Santa cares.

He brought me Harry Pennington

When I was one month old;

My very special teddy bear,

And worth his weight in gold.

I stood outside the living room,

Wondering what I’d find,

And hoping hard that Santa

Had been very, very kind.

I pushed the door and stood before

Our lovely Christmas tree,

And saw around the bottom,

Lots of presents just for me!

Just then I had an awful thought.

There was no gift for Harry!

I left him near the Christmas Tree

There was no time to tarry.

I knew what he would really like.

We always like the same.

I’d give him something we could use

To play a great fun game!

Then crept into the garden,

Pure white with soft snowfall,

And there I made my Harry P

A giant, round snowball.

I put it in a plastic bag,

Then underneath the tree,

And waited for my mum and dad

To come downstairs with me.

They soon arrived and mummy said

‘Fantastic! Santa’s been!’

He’d brought some lovely toys

And lots of socks, bright blue and green.

Harry was impressed, I knew.

I smiled at him with glee,

As I reached for his present,

Beneath the Christmas tree.

I lifted Harry up to look

Inside the bag and see,

But to my fright I found it full

Of water. ‘Deary me!’

I wondered where the snowball went

And couldn’t understand.

Then mummy said it melted,

And daddy took my hand.

He lead me to the Village Green

And Harry joined us there.

We made a super snowball for

Our special teddy bear.

We had a smashing snowball fight

And Harry was the winner!

Then afterwards went home to dry

And eat our Christmas dinner.

That night before I went to bed,

I saw the moon still winking.

And when I looked at Harry P,

I knew what he was thinking.

Our Christmas had been brilliant fun,

And Santa’s very clever,

But then we wished that he could make

A snowball last forever.